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Is Tony Blair Running Away?

British Prime Minister Tony Blair claims that slow progress in resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was creating greater, and continued, violence in Iraq. Is he correct, or is he running from an unpopular political issue by attempting to sound more moderate?

Either way he is basically wrong. Iran, eagerly trying to force an Arab ideology on its people, will continue to saber rattle in Israel's direction. Iraq, while certainly not pro-Israel in any way, has never had an interest in doing so.

Current surges in violent activity around Baghdad are the result of Iranian intervention and bear-baiting, Muslim sect strife that will always be there, and growing pains.

Iran and Iraq have always shared a difficult relationship as Persian cultures with different goals. While Iran's people live in fear and cling to their Persian identities, its government strains to become an Arab nation, something anathema to true Persians. Ahmadinejad, a ratty little terrorist who rigged his own kingletship, will continue to poke a stick into the hornet's nest of Baghdad because it serves his interest.

Americans and other westerners should not expect a quick end to violence between Sunni, Shi'ite, and other tribal enemies. Those conflicts will become quiet periodically, but will never be settled.

Blair, indeed all of British Imperialist history, has never truly understood diplomacy. The UK has practiced carrot-and-stick tactics wherever it went, exploiting and undermining economies the world over. When things become economically difficult, or when tension builds in these areas Great Britain leaves town or passes the buck to Americans after creating a mess. France, too, has long pulled these tactics.

Let us remember at whose hands the colonization and subjection of Persia began.

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The Spiderweb of Terrorism

This week my brother called me to announce that he was in Baghdad, in front of the house where we spent our winters with my grandparents (we spent the rest of the year in Arbil). I find myself wishing with all my heart that my telephone came with a strangling attachment. Our parents had lost Jalil for most of his life, uncertain where he was, or even if he was alive at all. For him to risk his life by strolling into Iraq from Jordan was, I felt, irresponsible and selfish. I plan to travel to England, where he now makes his home, to beat him very severely later this summer. He laughs at me, assuring me he is safe. I point at the 10 dead in the bus ambush.

"I travel all over the world for our family, Ahmed." His voice is patiently condescending. "They could kill me in Paris, my brother."

He is, of course, correct, though I would argue that he is in greater danger in Baghdad. Ironically, the fact that he is a wealthy Kurd works in his favor today, rather than acting as a bulls-eye with a homing device on his back, as it did before we fled so many years ago.

Still, my idiot brother has a point. Many politicians inside my own country want us to believe that terrorism has a single name: bin Ladin. All action not directed at him, specifically, is wasted. They are so wrong. Consider this week alone:

*Russians weep with relief that Shamil Basayev is dead. The mastermind of the Beslan school massacre and other bloodbaths, including the earlier stand-off in a crowded theater. His minions showed no mercy, no humanity.

*In Bombay seven explosions have killed many, at this writing too many to count, in a planned attack that ripped train compartments open and flung victims onto train tracks.

*Last week Shezhad Tawneer's suicide video was released, promising more from those who aided in, and executed the London bombing attacks.

*In Bali, Indonesian authorities have discovered instructions for suicide bombers on a computer captured by police. They instruct would-be martyrs to "target any white person" and advise them not to worry about escape routes, since they will be dying as heroes.

This just in: terrorism is global, interconnected like a spider web, and not just about bin Ladin.

There are no safe places any more. I would, of course, argue that Jalil's home in Surrey is far safer than Baghdad. And I am still going to beat the hell out of him.

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Where Two or More Are Gathered... WORRY

The BBC is reporting that Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul will be meeting with US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley in Washington to, as Gul said, "further develop a relationship that already has deep roots."

For those who have forgotton, the Turkish parliament denied the US access for deployment from Turkey during the invasion of Iraq. Why? Well, in spite of the fact that the United States had built some very pricey bases in their country, Turks wanted promises that would have been impossible to keep. How could the US possibly liberate Iraq while allowing Turkey to continue its inhumane and hostile policies toward Kurdistan?

They could not, and would not make promises they had no intention of keeping. It would be wise for Secretary Rice and Adviser Hadley to remember earlier lessons in recognizing cowards and manipulators.

Once a rat...

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Violence and Hate Spread

A Kurdish youth was beaten severely in Plymouth, England on Tuesday, October 25.

He was walking through the Bretonside bus station when he attempted to enter a men's room and was pounced upon by four young men who had with them a staffordshire terrier.

Many believe this young man was the victim of misdirected rage against those of middle eastern and Arab descent in the wake of the bus bombings and other terrorist activities in Europe.

Unfortunately, having dark skin and an accent or manner that labels one "foreign" is, these days, grounds for suspicion. To some extent this is understandable. Fear is a terrible thing.

Unfortunately, this poor boy had more in common with his abusers than with any terrorist. Kurds have never exported hate.

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Steel Curtain

Operation Steel Curtain may seem to be slow moving, but it represents one of the most important fazes of the liberation of Iraq.

Syria has long been a bastion of tyranny. Kurds have been slaughtered and oppressed there for many years, but beyond this, the country has been host to renegade terrorists (including Saddam himself) on numerous occasions.

While Syria continues to smuggle dangerous weaponry and chemicals across its borders, it also plays host to some of the most wanted men in the region.

The United States has long been squeamish about directing its wrath at Syria. That time has come to an end. American citizens need to understand and support this important push in the final sprint toward independence.

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KNCNA Conference on Kurdish Independence

Last minute changes hoping to guarantee the Iraqi Constitution are creating yet another uproar between Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq. Big surprise. Meanwhile The Kurdish National Congress of North America is holding a two day conference on the question of Kurdish Independence in November.

A unified Kurdish state is, and will remain, a wonderful dream. But while chaos reigns in Iraq, and the US and other allies refuse to stand against the oppression of Turkey and Syria, the dream is nothing more than fantasy.

Kurdistan can not survive on her own... yet. The KNCNA provides valuable, vital forums for discussion of the Kurdish question. I will be watching, reading, listening, and attending many of these, but I will do so with a cautious heart.

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